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Case Studies


Temporary kitchen installed in a bedroom

Elderly lady reluctant to move
out not wanting to move out

Location: North London


Location: Norfolk

Temporary kitchen installed on a driveway

Elderly couple not wanting to move out as vulnerable customer during Covid.

Leak behind dishwasher.


Location: North London

Temporary kitchen installed on patio in back garden 

Family of 4 whose basement had flooded


Location: Essex

Temporary bathroom
installed in back garden 

Family of 2

Leak behind shower


Location: Hampshire

Temporary bathroom
installed at side of house 

Family of 2

Leak under shower

No driveway suitable at property


Location: Norfolk

Temporary storage
erected on driveway 

Family of 2

Groundfloor house flood

Contents of workshop needed storing and access to property very limited for other storage options


Location: Somerset

Temporary storage
on a farm 

4.8m x 3m Storage Pod


Location: North London

Gym installed in garden

An  8.4m x 3m Gym Pod installed after a basement flood.


Visitor pod for Care Home

Building with two entrances, bio secure screen and intercom to allow relatives to meet care home residents safely during Covid

Location: Suffolk


Family of 3

Leak under floor in kitchen

Request for a large amount of storage as a large kitchen was being reinstated after a leak.

Location: Kent

Temporary kitchen installed in double reception room of large listed property


Family of 5

Leak under floor in kitchen

Convert formal dining room into temporary kitchen/diner. Move dining room contents into a storage pod placed on the driveway. Temporary flooring also installed

Location: Oxfordshire

Temporary kitchen and storage pod installed


Family of 4

Removal of kitchen and asbestos following ground floor flood

Location: Berkshire

Temporary kitchen with dining area on driveway

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